Teresa Kurcyusz-Furmanik

Teresa Kurcyusz-Furmanik - lawyer, solicitor, judge of the Regional Administrative Court, member of the National Council of the Judiciary. 

In 1973 she graduated from the Faculty of law of the University of Silesia. After the application and judicial exam she started a solicitor application in the District Bar Association in Katowice. In 1980-1990 member of the Bar Team number 5. Since 1991, she run a law firm. From 2004 onwards, the judge of the Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice.

By the Sejm resolution of 6 March 2018 she was elected to the National Council of the Judiciary for the four-year term, which began on March 7, 2018. From April 27, 2018, member of the National Council of the Judiciary and its Presidium.

During the martial law she defended the arrested members of the trade unions and provided legal aid, in the years 1982-1987 she advised the executive structures of “Solidarity” trade union. For the oppositionist activity, she received Commander's Cross with Star of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland (2009), Golden Award of Honour for services to the province of Katowice (1998) and a badge of merit for “KWK Piast” coal mine, granted by its Staff Committee of "Solidarity".

She took a postgraduate studies in European Union law (2004-2005) and the annual seminar "Application of the European Convention on human rights in the Polish legal order" (2011). In the years 2003-2012, as a member of the Association of Polish Lawyers, she has organised conferences for judges and lawyers on human rights and European law in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, London, Florence, the Hague, Helsinki, Ljubljana. She participated in numerous seminars, workshops, internships, conferences, for example at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg (October 2017).

She is a lawyer in the third generation, the mother of two sons and grandmother of three grandchildren.